12 Inspirasi Terbaik Dari Mark Zuckerberg

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12 Inspirasi Terbaik Dari Mark Zuckerberg|Siapa yang tidak kenal Mark Zuckerberg? Pengasas,CEO dan Presiden laman sosial Facebook yang terbesar dan paling berjaya di dunia.

Beliau bukan saja seorang ikon terkenal tetapi kata-kata yang dikeluarkannya juga menjadi inspirasi yang berguna.

Seperti yang saya dapatkan dari Brainy Quotes,berikut ini dipaparkan 12 kata-kata inspirasi dari Mark Zuckerberg,yang mungkin boleh dijadikan sebagai pencetus idea dan semangat buat semua.

"I started the site when I was 19. I
didn't know much about
business back then."
-Mark Zuckerberg

"A squirrel dying in front of your
house may be more relevant to
your interests right now than
people dying in Africa."
-Mark Zuckerberg

"All of my friends who have
younger siblings who are going
to college or high school - my
number one piece of advice is:
You should learn how to
-Mark Zuckerberg

"By giving people the power to
share, we're making the world
more transparent."
-Mark Zuckerberg

"I just think people have a lot of
fiction. But, you know, I mean,
the real story of Facebook is just
that we've worked so hard for
all this time. I mean, the real
story is actually probably pretty
boring, right? I mean, we just sat
at our computers for six years
and coded."
-Mark Zuckerberg

"I mean, we've built a lot of
products that we think are good,
and will help people share
photos and share videos and
write messages to each other.
But it's really all about how
people are spreading Facebook
around the world in all these
different countries. And that's
what's so amazing about the
scale that it's at today."
-Mark Zuckerberg

"I think a simple rule of business
is, if you do the things that are
easier first, then you can actually
make a lot of progress."
-Mark Zuckerberg

"I think that people just have this
core desire to express who they
are. And I think that's always
-Mark Zuckerberg

"In terms of doing work and in
terms of learning and evolving as
a person, you just grow more
when you get more people's
perspectives... I really try and live
the mission of the company
and... keep everything else in my
life extremely simple."
-Mark Zuckerberg

"Our goal is not to build a
platform; it's to be cross all of
-Mark Zuckerberg

"People have really gotten
comfortable not only sharing
more information and different
kinds, but more openly and with
more people - and that social
norm is just something that has
evolved over time."
-Mark Zuckerberg

"Right now, with social networks
and other tools on the Internet,
all of these 500 million people
have a way to say what they're
thinking and have their voice be
-Mark Zuckerberg

Renung-renungkanlah,semoga mendapat inspirasi yang berguna.


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