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Awas!! Penipu Internet Serang Email|Salam semua.Pernah tak anda menerima email seperti email yang saya paparkan dibawah..

[Email 1]

"Good day!
I am Mr Davi director auditing
and accounting department"
bank of Africa (boa)
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso .I
discovered the sum of seven
million, two hundred thousand
dollars (usd7.2) belonging to a
deceased customer of this bank
the fund has been lying in a
suspense account without
anybody coming to put claim
over the money since the account
owner late, Mr Salla khat from
Lebanese who was involved in the
December 28th 2006 Benin car
it is therefore, upon this discovery
that i decided to take this
ultimatum and make this business
proposal to you as the fund will
be release to you as the next of
kin or relation to the deceased
for safety and subsequent
disbursement since nobody is
coming for it and i don't want
this money to go into the bank
treasury as unclaimed bill the
banking rules here stipulates that
if such money remained
unclaimed after five years, the
money will be transferred into
the bank treasury as unclaimed
fund. The request of foreigner as
next of kin in this business is
occasioned by the fact that the
deceased customer was a
foreigner and a Burkina be
cannot stand as next of kin to a
Therefore, I am soliciting for your
assistance to come forward as the
next of kin. I have agreed that
40% of this money will be for you
as the beneficiary respect of the
provision of your account and
service rendered, 60% will be for
me. Then immediately the money
transferred to your account from
this bank, I will proceed to your
country for the sharing of the
fund. Call me through my
telephone number: +226

[Email 2]

"Hello My Dearest
Greetings to you and your
family , My name is Ail Salif
manager of bill and exchange in
bank, i have i business of 5.5
Million Euro to be transfer to
your account for investment in
your country if you are ready to
assist me get back to me i will
give you full details on how the
money will be transfer to you.
You must assure me that
everything will be handled
confidentially because we are not
going to suffer again in life. It has
been 10 years now that most of
the greedy Politicians used our
bank to Launder money overseas
through the help of their Political
Most of the funds which they
transferred out of the shores of
Africa was gold and oil money
that was supposed to have been
used to develop the continent.
Their Political advisers always
inflated the amounts before
transfer to foreign accounts so I
also used the opportunity to
divert part of the funds hence I
am aware that there is no of
facial trace of how much was
transferred as all the accounts
used for such transfers were
being closed after transfer.
I acted as the Account Officer to
most of the politicians and when I
discovered that they were using
me to succeed in their greedy act,
I also cleaned some of their
banking records from the Bank
files and no one cared to ask me
because the money was too
much for them to control.
They laundered over (90 Million
Euro) during the process .As I am
sending this message to you, I
was able to divert Five Million
Five Hundred Thousand Euro
(รข,¬5.5M) to an escrow
accountbelonging to no one in
the bank.
The bank is anxious now to know
who is the beneficiary to the
funds because they have made a
lot of profits with the funds. It is
more than Eight years now and
most of the politicians are no
longer using our bank to transfer
funds overseas. The (5.5 Million
Euro) has been lying waste but I
don't want to retire from the
bank without transferring the
funds to a foreign account to
enable me share the proceeds
with the receiver.
The money will be shared 60% for
me and 40% for you .There is no
one coming to ask you about the
funds because I secured
everything. please quickly reply
Yours Faithfully,
Mr Ali Salif"

Inilah dua diantara lapan email yang masuk di inbox yahoo mail saya pagi tadi.

Pernah tak anda terima email-email sebegini?

Awas dan hati-hati.Jangan tertipu.
Ini semua kerja PENIPU INTERNET.


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